K&S Staffing in the Community | Redding CAK&S Staffing in the Community | Redding CA
We believe in our community, and want to do what we can to help keep it great! Our aim is to be active and responsible members of the community. When you partner with K&S Staffing, you support your local community and help keep valuable dollars circulating to support other local businesses. We have been active in different fundraising opportunities such as; Golf tournaments, food drives, and different sponsorships for children’s activities. K&S wants to impact not only the K&S Staffing in the Community | Redding CAwell-being of our community but people’s lives. If you are looking for Volunteers or sponsorships please let us know. You can contact the office with a simple phone call or just drop in and let us know what you need. We can’t promise to do everything, but we promise to help in any way we can.











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